Chess set for out-door play

This chess set was make of Iroko which has the durability to survive in the British weather with a bit of tender care. A client in Oxfordshire made a request for this incredible chess set which enhances the beauty of his garden and is the envy of his family and friends. If you are interested in [...]

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Bespoke Staircase in Bicester

This amazing oak staircase and glass balustrade is a unique addition to any home. The clients vision and our craftsmanship made a dream into a reality. The glass balustrade gives an extremely modern touch to the surroundings. If you are interested in having a staircase like this one, send us an email via our enquiry [...]

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Bespoke Oak Door in Wendover

This amazing close up of a bespoke European Oak door was made for country house in Wendover. The detail in the gain of the oak is incredible as well as how the craftmanship brings out the different shades of the wood by the way in which the door has been created. The client wanted an [...]

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Bespoke Iroko Gate in Oxford

This bespoke Iroko gate was designed for a house in Oxford, to allow for privacy and security. Iroko is an ideal gate material due to it being a very durable timber and does not require regular treatment with oil or varnish when used outdoors. If you are interested in having a gate like this one, [...]

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Garage and Workshop Doors for a Country Home near Woodstock

A country home on the outskirts of Woodstock, Oxfordshire has a double garage and workshop area adjoined to each other, the client wanted matching doors for both areas. The doors were made of Sapele which is a popular wood for external doors because of it's beautiful appearance when finished with it's ‘ribbon’ graining and also [...]

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