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Our Team at Conifer Joinery


Established in Kidlington, Oxfordshire in 2005 and with a combined 60 years experience in the joinery industry, Conifer Joinery create beautiful bespoke designs for homes, commercial premises, colleges and universities.

Phil Inwood Conifer Joinery

Phil Inwood

Phil is a Director/Owner at Conifer Joinery.

Phil has worked at Conifer since it began in 2005. Phil has over 20 years experience as a Bench Joiner/Wood Machinist.

Sarah Inwood Conifer Joinery

Sarah Inwood

Sarah is a Director/Owner of Conifer Joinery.

Sarah is the Accounts Manager.

Julie Bass Conifer Joinery

Julie Bass

Julie joined Conifer Joinery in May 2017 as Office Manager.

Michael Murphy Conifer Joinery

Michael Murphy

Michael joined Conifer Joinery in February 2014 and has over 30 years experience as a Wood Machinist.

Michael Murphy Conifer Joinery

Indie Payne

Indie joined Conifer Joinery in June 2018 as an apprentice joiner.

Philip Richardson Conifer Joinery

Philip Richardson

Philip joined Conifer Joinery in May 2019 and has nearly 30 years experience in both Bench Joinery and Cabinet Making.

John Inwood Conifer Joinery

John Inwood

John joined Conifer Joinery as a Bench Joiner in 2007

Liam Bass Conifer Joinery

Liam Bass

Liam joined Conifer Joiner in September 2016 as an apprentice Bench Joiner and is now in his second year of a three-year apprenticeship.